What is our narrative?

What message are we hoping to send to citizens of the United States of America?

We Have Everything To Lose

Using facts, data, and science, we clearly illustrate how much we have to lose.

Using data like the United States corruption index scores, we demonstrate that we are relatively incorrupt.

Expanding the following data shows clearly that relative to population, the corruption levels in the United States are relatively low worldwide.

Denmark – 5,825,337
New Zealand – 5,093,557
Finland – 5,503,335
Singapore – 5,685,807
Sweden – 10,367,232
Switzerland – 8,632,703
Norway – 5,374,807
Netherlands – 17,522,081
Germany – 83,122,889
Luxembourg – 626,108
Iceland – 366,700
Australia – 25,684,561
Austria – 8,915,382
Canada – 38,216,542
United Kingdom – 66,796,807
Hong Kong – 7,509,200
Belgium – 11,535,652
Estonia – 1,328,976
Ireland – 4,977,400
Japan – 125,880,000
United Arab Emirates – 9,366,829
Uruguay – 3,530,912
France – 67,132,000
United States of America – 330,516,243

Using the corruption index data from The Corruption Perceptions Index, we see that the United States has work to do, but it’s not in the toilet like many other countries.

Other data sources of this nature can be included in our blog posts to reinforce the narrative.

This is one example of a narrative we push through content distribution channels.

The United States has maintained a relatively incorrupt government despite having a population twice as high as the largest country in the sixty-nine least corrupt countries.

This is a sub-narrative of the broader narrative of illustrating what we have to lose.